18 agosto, 2006

An Special post

This is dedicated to "gimme your stuff" website . Yesterday I discovered it and I have to say that it's actually very interesting.

That thing of swaping stuff between countries really attracts my attention and that's why I want to participate in it.

I Would like to exchange any kind of stuff with any country (I'm specially interested in canada, Japan, Australia,germany California (USA).. but everyone is welcome) .

I think That I have to list the things I can offer, well, there we go:

- magazines and newspapers.
- Any kind of candy (sweets, chocolates,..).
- Stationery.
- photos and postcards.
- Drinks and food.
- toys and cute stuff.
-Other (cheap) things of your interest.
everything, obviously, from Spain. What I would like to receive, is the same kind of stuff from your country.


He dicho! xD
Ya contare como va el tema..pero anda que no debe ser curioso eso de recibir alguna revista o algo asi desde un sitio que no conoces y de alguien que no conoces xD

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carolyne dijo...

Hello Marta
I would love to do an Australia-Spain swap with you! But I have a few on the go at the moment, so it would probably be October before I can get everything together (and afford to ship it out...).
I can send you various of the things on your list, and would be interesed in fabric and colourful things from Spain! I don't really know what kinds of things are traditonally Spanish...
Email me at carolyne(at)smallbird(dot)com(dot)au if you're interested, or comment at my swap post on my blog :)

Marta dijo...

Ok, I'll send you an e-mail ;)

babs dijo...

Hola Marta! Soy de California, y me gustaría mucho cambiar cosas contigo.

Please look at my blog for my list of things I can offer you! If you are interested, please write comment with your email or send me an email at swapwithbabs (at) gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you! :)


babs dijo...

Hola Marta! Thank you for your comment on my blog. Swapping in October is perfect for me. Please email me then to tell me what things you would like to receive from me! Best wishes, babs

Lsantos dijo...

Hi Marta

Soy portuguésa pero ahora vivo en Alemania hace 2 años. Me encantaria hacer un swap Alemania-Madrid contigo. Sy lo te interessa enbia-me un email: farruska (at) gmail.com


rubberbaby dijo...

Hey, I would like to swap to craft´magazine, especially sewing, knitting or paper craft and some fabrics. If you are interested then write me a mail: rubberbaby@gmx.net. Greetings from Germany, Siggi

salvagesistas dijo...

hello Marta,

i am Adelene from Singapore, i would love to swap some cute stuff, nice stationary and cute toys from you. take a look at my blog and let me know if you are interested. www.salvagesistas.blogspot.com or email me at sheanerd@gmail.com


n@thy dijo...

I'm from France and I'd love to swap with you. Let me know il you are interested
see my gimme your stuff page

camilbotts dijo...

hello! we are camillebotts from the philippines. we are interested in swapping items with you. we are interested in chocolates and candies, newspapers. in exchange we’ll give you filipino delicacies or any filipino items and books. just visit our blog at http://camillebotts.blogspot.com or email us at camillebotts@gmail.com
thanks. we are looking forward to it. =D

melissa dijo...

hi marta

i'm interested in a swap with you. my name is melissa and i am from los angeles, california.
here is http://mellemusic.wordpress.com/2007/04/11/gimme-your-stuff-via-los-angeles/

hopefully you are still interested in doing a swap with someone from the states.

my email is also: melissa_acedera@yahoo.com

hope to hear from you. take care!

- melissa

MIAO&EUSON dijo...

would u like to swap with me,i can offer you
- Any kind of candy (sweets, chocolates,..*from japan,korea, singapore).
- postcards.

check out my blog www.swapwithmiao.blogspot.com
hope to hear from you soon!


mrs tulip dijo...

Hello Marta,
I live in Sydeny Australia and would like to do a swap with you, If interested reply to me at http://mrstulip.blogspot.com/2007/08/gimme-your-stuff.html
Regards from Talisa

ArtAgata dijo...

sorry....i don't understand you email...XD
for swap with you...sorry but i've poo english..and i don't speak espanol!!!

Nikki dijo...

Hi, My name is Nikki and I'm From australia. I would Like to do a swap with you, So if you would like some aussie goodies leave me a msg at nicc79.blogspot.com

Anónimo dijo...

Hola Marta!
Si te sorprende esta página por si acaso no las conoces te recomiendo otras dos que están genial.
Una es http://www.sendsomething.net y la otra http://www.swap-bot.com
Dos maravillas :-)
Un saludo!

SuperSwapper dijo...

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I live in Columbia, South Carolina in the US. I would love to exchange stuff with you! I can send food items, recipes, local brochures, t-shirts for my state and our local university's sports team, postcards, magazines and newspapers and other cheap oddities I find along the way. I like everything and would just like to some stuff from your area of the world you think I'd find cool, different or interesting. Email me at pogosthecat@yahoo.com if your interested. If anyone else see's this and is interested let me know as well. Hope to hear from you soon!

Lauren Tuckey dijo...
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